Stamp the timeline markers as cut number

Blender 2.66

I’m getting to know Blender VSE. It’s quite capable of making an animatic.

There are really helpful addons that make editting in Blender easier:



Making animatic, you’ll need to imprint cut number or frame number on the video itself for easy referencing later. In other editting software, like Premiere, you have to create titles one by one, but in Blender, you can use stamp to imprint these information with less effort.


I put markers at every cut, rename them to cut number, the ‘Marker’ stamp then would indicate the cut number.


Using mouse to position the playhead at the exact cutting point could be cumbersome, I end up assigning a shotcut key of the ‘Cut previous’ / ‘Cut next’ of the Jump-to-cut addon to the < and > keys respectively.


Then my process of putting markers at the cutting point would be pressing keyboard

>  m > m > m > m …and so on

After every markers is put in place I rename them all at once with this script

import bpy
i = 1
for Marker in bpy.context.scene.timeline_markers:

(there should be indentation for the last 2 lines, WordPress rips them off)

Turn on Stamp and the information would be imprinted on the rendered frames

*I’m still looking for an easy way to change the word ‘Marker’ on the rendered frame to something else, at the moment it seems like it was hard-coded in the source, which could be next to impossible to change. :-(


I’ve found the code to change the word ‘Marker’.

It’s in source/blender/blendkernel/intern/image.c

line 1531

Screenshot from 2013-04-28 11:05:00

I have to re-compile blender, though.

Screenshot from 2013-04-28 11:09:42

More elaborated solution would be a textbox for user to enter custom prefix. I’ll look into that later. All hail the Opensource !!! 😀