Handheld camera

Blender 2.63a

Handheld camera motion can be useful in some shots.

To simulate the handheld camera, you can add noise modifier to the camera curve.

Play with ‘Scale’ and ‘Strength’ to get the desired effect.

You can use ‘Restrict frame range’ to limit when to start and stop shaking.

Change noise pattern in Cycles for every frame

Blender 2.63a

Shooting with real video camera, you’ll notice that noises in the video are not static. they move every frame, which is not the case when rendering video with Cycles. All you need to do is change the ‘Seed’ value for every frame to get different noise pattern. You can manually keyframe ‘Seed’ value, or automate it with curve ‘Generator’.

1. press i over the ‘Seed’ in the first frame to create the first key frame

2. in Graph Editor press n to bring up right side panel. While ‘Seed’ curve is selected, add ‘Generator’ modifier

That’s it. A linear graph is generated, and the seed value will increase every frame.